Objective :  Facilitating the 'Isal e Sawab' (Gift of good deeds)  for Marhomeen ,

First Night  immediately & over time

 BE AWARE what to do on death- click here

  Services offered  

Pl note all service providers do not offer all services & will have different rates & limitations of amounts which can be immediately available for payment to beneficiaries

a) Sadqa  ( immediate on night of death)

b) Salat/Namaz e wahshat by 50/100 people ( immediate on night of death)

c) Qur'an Recitation 

d) Qaza Namaz 

e) Qaza Roza

f) Hajj Niyabat

g) Majlis with Niyaz

h) Niyabat Ziyarats in Iraq/Iran

i) Feeding orphans

j) Islamic books printed

j)TV channel ABTV /WINTV fatiha slot

k) Assist /Pay for other momineen for education ,health ,housing


List of Service providers / Partners 

Pl note all service providers do not offer all services & will have different rates & limitations of amounts which canbe immediately available for payment to beneficiaries

 1) Ali Raza Merchant in Mumbai aliraza.merchant@gmail.com (Tohfa E Zehra project ) - +91 (996) 9121895

Dxb.contact .tel no

2) http://niyabat.org/  Tel: 020 3137 8124 / 0121 364 0786   contact@niyabat.org

3) The Guided One   salat saum sadqa services http://theguidedone.org/

3)As seraat Foundation Mumbai All Niyabat rates available incl ziarat

4) Hyderabad India -Abbas Lalani abbaslalani786@gmail.com  . 0091 8106499012  See details here

5)Sadqah qurbani in Dar es salaam with WIPAHS, for AED.150/- each goat & Dxb.contact.. http://wipahs.com/home.htm

6) www.EPCW.org   BUkoba Tanzania W africa   Usd 40 /- per goat & Usd 25 Quran . AmirAli Datoo amdatoo@gmail.com

7)) www.Comfortaid.org US 

8) www.Ladyfatemahtrust.org  London UK

9)www.Zahratrust.com UK types

10) Qom - Al Haj Syed Ridha Shushtary - ridha92@yahoo.com - +98 (251) 7748432

11) Br Paighamber Abbas in Nowgawan sadaat India Syed paighamberabbas <spabbas@yahoo.com> +91 9411069874 Can arrange sadqa upto Rs 15000/- within few hours


12) Channel WIN www.WinIslam.com    Channel WIN's rates are by far the lowest on any satellite channel. Our rates are as low as local cable tv advertisement rates.
Channel WIN is available in more than 30 countries in Asia, Middle East, Europe, Africa, Russia etc via Intel Sat 20 as well as Jadoo settop box in USA Australia and Canada 
Contact Ad agency tryadsonline@gmail.com   Eesal e Sawaab slide cost is INR 2,500.
Rate is on a monthly basis. Each slide to be displayed once a day at a specific slot for max 20 seconds. Only 6 slots available per day (1 slide each, before and after Azan)

13) www.Ahlulbayt.tv ( for fatiha slides)  & www.Safeertv.com

More Organisations listed on home page see www.Eternal-Investment.org


Constraints /Issue Yet to resolve

Identify One Organisation who already has a payment recpt mechanism to take responsibiity to recieve & pay servcie providers

Payment gateway Country for receipt of payment & disbursement Bank account

Tracking, responding and committing needs dedicated 2/3 hours a day by someone who has all the contacts and Controls in hand.