There is a simple act you can do to ensure better life and salary. Warranty card is there for all of us.
Read on to get this card...  

Brother Abdullah, gets a salary of Riyal 4000 per month and many debts, says: "I thought I'm going to live like this forever"... I was always afraid that I will pass away before repaying my debts which were constantly increasing instead of decreasing..

It was the way marriage life goes.. and although I was comfortable with my wife who understands our situation, debts were always making our life harder..

One day I went out with guys like me whom I usually share my problems with.. On that day one of them, gave me the advice of specifying a part of my salary for charity...

"I am hardly feeding myself", I answered him... Later that night I told this to my wife and she said "Try, may Allah help us out".. So I decided to give SR 300 every month as charity..

Since then my life became much better, my debts are just disappearing, I find money pouring on me however I turn.  Believe me and take my advice, give charity then wait and see how you will get a better life.

Abu Sara, Mechanical Engineer with  a salary of SR 9000, used to spend all of his salary even though it is quite good amount and he owns a house.

He says: "I don't know where all the money was going!.. Each month I said to myself that, I will save some money for the future but it just flies away..

At last one of my friends advised me to give some share of my salary for charity, I decided to fix an amount of SR 500 for that .. Believe me the first month I ended up with SR 2000 still there in my account even though my bills and necessities are still the same.. I was so happy and decided to raise the amount to SR 900 a month and after five months I got a raise in my salary thanks to Allah.. Since I started giving charity, everything became better for me and my family.. try it out, it's true.

The Warranty that Charity gives you a better life:
1) It is a proof of belief as the Prophet (PBUH) said "Charity is a proof."
2) It is cause of healing as Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) said "Heal your sick with charity".
3) It shades you on Judgment day: "Each person is in the shade of his charity till people are judged", said the Prophet (PBUH)
4) It cools Allah's anger: Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) said: "Giving in secret cools ALLAH's anger"
5) It proves the love of Allah towards you as (PBUH) said "The most loved actions to Allah are:

"Happiness you give to a Muslim, or sadness you take way, or debt you help him with, or hunger you put away. Supporting my brother in one of his needs is better for me than staying in this mosque for a month"

6) It opens the doors of Mercy: The Prophet (PBUH) said "Allah will have mercy on those who are merciful, Have mercy on those on earth and you will get mercy from him who is in heaven".
7) It gives Thawab even after death: "When a human dies, all his doing is over except three: Continuous Charity, Usable science or righteous son praying for him", said the prophet (PBUH).
8) It protects you as the Prophet (PBUH) said "Good doings protect from bad destinies".
9) If you convince someone to give charity, you will get the same Thawab (good deed) he is getting without affecting his, this is because you will be the reason of him doing good. This means you may die and still someone will be there to pay charity on your behalf (Continuous Charity - Sadaqa Jariya).

It is very true. Please try it and Insha Allah you will notice the benefits.


By Khalid Latif